Forget Password Advice, Focus on 2FA

2fa, Password, security

May 20, 2023

We’ve been advising our customers for years about changing passwords frequently, choosing complex ones, and not reusing them. But then, the trouble comes and we see the familiar guilty look and mumblinc confession: “Yeah, we know you told us, but…”

And you know what – we don’t blame you! We’ve come to realize that our advice just isn’t cutting it. People forget their passwords, struggle to come up with new ones for all their accounts, forget when it’s time to change the old password. You just can’t blame people for being people!

So, here’s a fresh tip for you today: forget everything we said about good passwords. Instead, let’s focus on one game-changing approach wherever possible: enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) and learning how to use it properly.

With two-factor authentication, it works like this: after entering your username and password, you’ll need to provide an additional code. You can get this code through an SMS, a special app, a prompt on your smartphone, or even by using a cool key-device that generates and transfers the code via USB or NFC.

To help you get started on this awesome journey, we’ve got some handy links for setting up 2FA on the top five most popular sites: